On this page you will find just a few examples of reproductions inspired by the Renaissance and/or mediaeval periods. To view the entire catalogue and to purchase the items of your choice, click on Laboratorium Shop.



Cups, Flasks and Plates decorated with the symbols of Love used during theRenaissance to make gifts of love and fidelity.

Reproductions of details from frescoes painted in well-known palaces, churches and castles in Italy by famous Artists.








Reproductions of the best-known ceramics associated with great families or historic events. Decorated just like the originals and on simulated antique enamel.

Faithful reproductions of ceramic spice-jars. Hand-turned and hand-painted on simulated  antique enamel, of the kind used in the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

Reproductions of details from works by Old Masters on show in Galleries and Museums all over the world.

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