1996 - 2000 Mario Romagnoli’s Studio Workshop, later named Laboratorium, produces its world-famous hand-glazed wristwatch dials for TusciarT - Italy. It also produces, again for TusciarT – Italy, a series of fine, hand-painted pieces with the same decoration as the watches, consisting of ceramic watch-cases, spice-jars and plates, all inspired by antique Mediaeval and Renaissance art.

1998 Mario Romagnoli features in a Japanese magazine……highlighting the "Duca Farnese" range of watches distributed by TusciarT and distinguished by their hand-inscribed, hand-glazed dials using four different shades of glaze.

1999 Laboratorium exhibits at the Osaka Expo, Japan, with the series "Fresco Fragments" on canvas.  
2000 Exhibited at the national exhibition "Jubilee 2000" at the EUR Exhibition Centre, Rome, with ceramics and frescoes on the theme "Jubilee".
April 2001 Laboratorium inaugurates its new Showroom in Viterbo, at 13 Piazza della Rocca, and at the same time displays its reproductions of traditional wine-flagons from the mediaeval and Renaissance periods at the Bacchus Exhibition (Mostra Bacco)…..organised by the Viterbo 2000 Association.
May 2001 for the Museo Diocesano in Montalcino an exclusive series of reproductions faithful to the original ceramics discovered in the Town Hall, which are still on show at the Museum, together with the fresco fragments of Lorenzetti’s "Good Government" and Simone Martini’s "Majesty", currently on sale along with the ceramics at the Museum Bookshop in Montalcino.

July 2001 Copy of an important plate, the original of which was found in the Rocca Farnese at Valentano and which is now housed in the municipal museum inside the Rocca Farnese. It shows the combined coats of arms of Pier Luigi Farnese, the son of Pope Paul III, and Gerolama Orsini of Pitigliano and marks the occasion of the famous wedding celebrated at Valentano in 1519 in San Giovanni cathedral.


A plate created for the City of Piansano Pageantry and Flag-Throwing Troupe to commemorate their participation in the 2nd National Historic Choreography Championships in the City of Florence. They won third place.
A new Showroom is shortly to be inaugurated in the historic centre of Florence.

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